Moving into Mysore
An Introduction to Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga, with Chris Croft


April 17th - May 22nd, 2017 (Mon 5.30pm)
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April 19th - May 24th, 2017 (Wed 5.30pm)
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Moving into Mysore (6wk)

'Moving into Mysore' is our 6-week beginners Ashtanga Yoga course, perfect for complete beginners, rusty practitioners or anyone interested in experiencing the Mysore-style Ashtanga Yoga environment.

Over the 6-week 'Moving into Mysore' beginners course you will:

  • Learn the foundation poses of the Ashtanga Yoga primary series in the traditional way (i.e. one-on-one and pose-by-pose)
  • Develop a yoga practice that is appropriate for, and takes into consideration, your individual needs (i.e. your age, health, fitness, level of concentration, physical ability etc.)
  • Be introduced to a Mysore-Style class setting (which can be feel intimidating to new students and those who are used to 'guided' or 'led' yoga classes
  • Begin a personal relationship to your yoga practice that will bring inner confidence and self-empowerment to your yoga journey.

Limited to 6 students per course.

Over 6 weekly sessions you will be taught the foundation postures of The Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga pose-by-pose within a Mysore-Style Ashtanga Yoga class setting. Because each course is limited to only 6 people you will receive plenty of individual tuition and personal guidance, allowing you to grow your yoga practice at a pace that is right for you. After the course you will be well equiped to continue practicing in a Mysore-Style Ashtanga Yoga class as well as continuing your yoga practice at home!


Kickstarter Package (10wk)

  • 6-week 'Moving into Mysore' Intro to Ashtanga Yoga Course.
  • One Month of UNLIMITED ANYTIMEMysore Style Ashtanga Yoga Classes @ AYW

The 6-week 'Moving into Mysore' beginners course is specifically designed to support you whilst you build a yoga practice both at home and at the studio. After the course has finished you will be equipped to attend Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Classes @AYW. To give yourself the best chance of maintaining your yoga practice you have to practice regularly, and we know it can be hard to keep your momentum going after finishing the course. So, the 10-week Kickstarter Package includes UNLIMITED ANYTIME Mysore classes for the first month after your course has finished!!


Course Dates

MONDAY 17.30-18.30
April 17th - May 22nd (6 weeks)


WEDNESDAY 17.30-18.30
April 19th - May 24th (6 weeks)

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The Ashtanga Yoga Workshop
King St Business Centre, 7-9 King St, Exeter, EX1 1BQ

Yoga Equipment

Studio yoga mats will be available to use during the course FREE OF CHARGE

However, we recommend you consider purchasing your own yoga mat either before or during the course. Owning your own yoga mat will help you build confidence and make progress inbetween classes at the studio and after the course has finished.

Yoga mats are available to buy from the studio reception.

Any other yoga props required during class (eg straps, blocks, blankets or bolsters) will be provided by the studio.

MiM Testimonials

"As someone who struggles with body image and is naturally a perfectionist the idea of learning a new skill which involved bending my body into strange positions in front of others was more than a little daunting. I needn't have worried. From the first session Chris put us at ease and the emphasis was on developing an individual practice. Chris's teaching was gentle and intuitive and he was able to create a supportive atmosphere which accommodated different experience levels. During the six week course my anxieties and somewhat skeptical attitude to yoga transformed to a point where it has become a positive and integral part of my daily routine"


"As someone who considers themself to have a poor memory I was apprehensive about attending a course that would lead towards self practice so quickly. However, I found the structure of the course - adding a few new postures each week - meant that I was able to learn quickly, and also begin to practice at home! This has meant that rather than going to a yoga class and then not thinking about it for the rest of the week, I'm actually beginning to make a change that's integrated into my life outside the class!"


" I really enjoyed the 6 week 'Moving into Mysore' course. It was just the right pace to be challenging without being too difficult. I liked the repetition, which enabled me to remember the sequence so that I now feel confident to practice on my own at home"


"'Moving into Mysore' was perfectly pitched. It was the right amount of instruction and information along side offering enough space for you to find your own way through breathing, poses, and the sequence. Chris is a joyful teacher and I felt well looked after and supported by his knowledge, attention to detail and hands on wisdom"


"I loved the Moving into Mysore course - it was a great way to introduce people to the style in a totally friendly and inclusive way! Would definitely recommend to others wanting to get into Mysore but who might be a bit intimidated. I feel much more confident in class now and try to remember the posture corrections so I can improve."

Laura G

"I booked myself on to the 6 week Mysore for beginners course out of curiosity, the desire to grow, to strengthen and to try something new! I was extremely nervous but had no reason to be. The studio is a gorgeous, serene space, each practice you become consumed by your progress and your progress only. There is absolutely no competitive feeling like I have experienced at certain classes I've attended before. The sessions have really built my confidence, and given me the motivation to develop my home practice too which is so valuable. Chris is welcoming, respectful, laid back and best of all, so obviously passionate about including and accommodating yogis of all levels of experience. I can't wait to build my practice and also try some of the other classes on offer. I'd recommend to all. Thank you Chris"

Meg H