The more I practice the less I need to galvanise my attention to the deep sensations that accompany the breath. There is so much glorious raw sensation to experience in just one single inhale and one single exhale that its sometimes overwhelming. We must be prepared to slow down and commit to listening, and be given the opportunity and encouragement to do so by our teachers.


I don't often share my practice experience or 'yoga story' - largely because practice is a very intimate and sacred space, which can become tainted and muddied with public exposure and sharing - but also because I don't feel it would be that interesting to anyone.

sweaty student

One of the things that characterises Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is how it create a deeply cleansing heat the purifies the body. As we fold, twist and balance our way through the challenging Asanas (postures) of the series, using deep Ujjayi Pranayama, we create a powerful internal fire that raises the core temperature of the body.  The result is that we start to feel VERY HOT…


How you do anything is how you do everything. Take a moment to read that sentence again, and fully absorb the meaning in these words, for it is one of the truest statements I have found.


A while back I decided to measure my height for the first time since starting yoga more than 10 years ago.I was shocked at the result. In 2002 when I was last measured as an adult I was a shade over 5'11" tall. TODAY after 10 years of Ashtanga Yoga practice I am 6'1".