SHOSHIN is the Zen Buddhist term that means beginner’s mind. It refers to the concept of having an attitude of openness with no preconceptions when studying a subject, even at an advanced level.


In all honesty you cannot learn yoga from a DVD or book. These resources are great to deepen your practice, but you must first learn the fundamentals directly from an experienced teacher. Your relationship with this teacher is VITAL. He/she will help you negotiate the inevitable physical and mental resistance that WILL arise and they’ll keep you grounded and honest when your EGO will be desperate to stop you destroying it.


I love cooking. I love cooking almost as much as I love Yoga. I can safely say that cooking and Yoga keep me sane every day. When my daughter was born, I lost the luxury of long sessions on the mat and I barely had time to eat (let alone cook!). In many attempts to negotiate adequate rest, nourishment and yoga I discovered a beautiful way to be in the kitchen and practice without a mat or sweating involved. Through a friend I discovered how to meditate whilst making yogi tea. If you are not convinced that this constitutes Yoga (or cooking!), try it out anyway. You may discover that it is very healing to take time and make something from scratch, plus it makes a perfect drink for this cold winter season. Trust me, it is very relaxing and can be a natural meditation if you allow it to be.