A while back I decided to measure my height for the first time since starting yoga more than 10 years ago.I was shocked at the result. In 2002 when I was last measured as an adult I was a shade over 5'11" tall. TODAY after 10 years of Ashtanga Yoga practice I am 6'1".

That's almost 2 INCHES taller!!

To me that's bordering on the miraculous, and it seems I'm not alone either. When I asked around it seemed that almost every long term yoga practitioner had seen some change in their height since beginning a daily yoga practice.

The most I heard about was almost 3 inches!!

Now YOGA isn't magic, I don't for a minute think that it's actually made me grow. However, by addressing my postural imbalances it seems to have created that illusion.

ASANA (yoga postures) and PRANAYAMA (breathing techniques) require us to find extra space in the body if we are to deepen our practice. We lengthen what is short, stretch what is tight and gradually reverse the dramatic effect of gravity on our physical body.

As we move the body (particularly the spine) we give our attention to the quality of internal alignment around the region of the pelvic floor and lower spine. Over time this enabling the body to open up so that we begin to radiate up along the core axis of the body.

With dedicated practice the tight muscles and holding patterns of the body free up and we discover that there is more physical space in between the joints and along the vertebrae of the spine. In other words we grow because we have addressed our previously collapsing posture and completely changed our relationship to GRAVITY.

I just LOVE it. How awesome is this practice.

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