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Aerial Yoga

Go deeper, higher, further than before - and feel fantastic!

Aerial Yoga is taking the UK by storm and finally it is here in Exeter!

Aerial Yoga is playful and relaxing, and it will challenge you in wonderful ways, while improving your body strength and flexibility fast. With the assistance of a (low-slung) hammock you will experience the joy of being weightless, taking pressure off your spine, neck and joints, and allowing you to use gravity to achieve new stretches. Aerial Yoga is particularly freeing and healing for your spine and limbs and a highly effective healing art form for your whole body-mind-spirit.

All abilities and ages welcome (and no previous yoga experience necessary)

NB. Because the practice usually involves some upside down time and as with most forms of exercise, is not advisable with some conditions such as high blood pressure, heart condition, or pregnancy unless approved by your GP.

Aerial Yoga Sessions

Instead of fighting gravity, use it to assist you! Explore a wide range of playful postures, including weightless inversions for maximum health benefits.

Sessions are normally one hour long – plenty of time to feel the full benefits and get your whole body system revitalised.

Beginners Aerial Yoga

Beginners Aerial Yoga gets you accustomed to the fun of working with the hammock and having it's support. Learn different ways to enter and dismount the hammock, and use it to assist you in a variety of standing and sitting moves. You might be surprised at how fast you improve. You may try some simple inversions (getting upside down) with variations tailored to your ability and needs of your body on any particular day. Here you can learn to listen to your body as you develop your practice.

Improvers Aerial Yoga

Improvers Aerial Yoga sessions are obviously more challenging and will enhance your balance and agility while stimulating and regulating all the systems of the body. It even improves brain function! Gravity assists you in all the right ways so you get a deeper experience. And it's fun. Think of a mix of yoga and gymnastics and you will have an idea of what you can get from this growing new body art-form. This practice is superb for increasing strength and flexibility, while decompressing the spine and freeing up the joints. It will bring you into a peaceful state of balance and relaxation.

Aerial Yoga Classes

No Aerial Yoga classes are currenly running.