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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa or Flow Yoga is a practice in which the movements link fluidly together with meditative awareness and attention to breathing.

Most Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes are multi-level classes appropriate for students of all levels of flexibility and fitness. Intermidiate classes are suited to those with a regular yoga practice.

This style is called Vinyasa Flow Yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses run together as your teacher guides you from one posture to the next on an inhale or an exhale, starting with simple postures, gradually and intelligently building towards a peak.

The posture sequences in a Vinyasa Yoga class may include some more-challenging postures, given as variations, allowing each person to take their practice as far as appropriate for them at that moment in time. These are great classes for increasing your stamina and furthering your physical ability. All categories of asanas (postures) can be incorporated into this style, including: moving series (ie sun salutations), standing postures, balancing postures, inversions, twists, backbends, and forward bends.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga teaches us how to get into the flow of what is appropriate for our own body in every moment. Classes will generally incorporate sound body mechanics, alignment principles, connection with breath, sustained attention, and the development of a balance between strength, flexibility and endurance.

Specific themes/intentions can also inform the structure of a Vinyasa Flow Yoga class. These themes can include strength building, endurance, relaxation, a focus on specific areas of the body, fun, philosophical inquiry or balance... the options are limitless!

The intention of a Vinyasa Flow class, regardless of its theme, is to stay present with and connected to the moment and therefore teaches us how to flow through the fluid nature of our practice and our lives with grace and ease.

Modifications will be given to allow people to practice at their own ability.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes