We have tinkered with our timetable over the last few weeks as a way to continue to improve what we offer. 

The major change is that MORNING MYSORE Ashtanga Yoga now runs 7-9am Monday, Tuesday & Thursday. 


When it comes to actually developing a yoga practice (rather than being instructed) Mysore Classes are unrivalled. The good news if you decide those attend these classes is that you will receive individual tuition and learn directly from a highly experienced yoga teacher who can work with you to help you progress. Building a trusted relationship with a teacher will enable you to learn and grow in a safe environment.

An effective yoga practice will challenge you to become your best self, both on and off the mat, and sometimes there are obstacles between where you are and where your best self is hiding. Establishing a relationship with a teacher will help you forge a way forward when life or yoga gets tricky. 

We also know that a regular commitment to attending to early morning yoga classes can be difficult. That's why we offer UNLIMITED CLASSES FOR ONLY £30 for the first month (If you attend all of them that's less than £2 per class). 


The other great thing about Mysore classes is that you don't have to start or finish at any particular time. You may find your first class only lasts an hour and then you rest. Or maybe you arrive just before the last entry time (usually 1hr before the end of class) and stay for the group Savasana and Tibetan singing bowl at the end. 

See you there!
Chris & Yulia 

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