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Natasha Gerolimatos
Yoga Teacher

Natasha Gerolimatos

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, I first discovered yoga over 10 years ago during a busy semester at University. I was initially drawn to the practice for the physical benefits and the effects it had on my body, but very quickly I discovered a deep sense of peace and calm that I had never experienced before. Throughout the next few years as life got increasingly busy, I found myself practicing yoga on and off, but I would always seem to end up back on my mat - and every time, it felt just like coming home.

I went on to pursue graduate school, and have worked for many years as a counsellor with young people struggling with mental health difficulties and addictions. Yoga helped me through the challenges I would face in my work and my personal life. I couldn't believe the space that was opening up for me - in my body, my mind and my heart. I made the decision to train to be a yoga teacher in a sudden moment of clarity following an inspiring yoga class, during a challenging time in my life. I absolutely knew in that moment that this was the right path for me and it has turned out to be a life-changing experience.

I made the move to Devon a few years ago, and I love that I'm able to continue to pursue my passion for teaching yoga in a new community. Having fully experienced the positive impact of yoga on my own life, I believe in the power of yoga to heal and transform each of us, and it is such an incredible gift to be able to share this practice with others. In my classes, you can expect a strong physical practice, with the focus always on using the breath to achieve a deep level of awareness, inner peace and freedom. My aim is to make the teachings of yoga relevant to our everyday lives. I always encourage students to listen to their bodies and tailor the practice to their own individual needs – you are your best teacher! My belief is that yoga should be a fun, explorative and introspective journey that is accessible to everyone, and my hope is that my passion for this practice shines through in my teaching and inspires other!