OM Voice Workshop & Kirtan
with Elise Yuill Cohen


May 12, 2018
November 10, 2018

Discover the transformational healing powers of sacred sounds, mantra and singing with devotion with songwriter & artist Elise Yull Cohen.

"The power of OM is the Self within you… The human body is a string of OM. All that is – inside us, outside us, is born of OM… The universal sound is OM.” –The Hindu Saint, Nityananda

Om Voice Workshop

OM Voice Workshops invite all who feel a calling to explore their voice, discover the power of singing with devotion and experience the uplifting, heart opening, transformational healing effects of mantra, chanting and sacred heart songs and singing with devotion in a safe, supportive, loving and expansive environment.

Explore and connect to your inner voice and truth, discover new ways of expressing your unique creativity through sacred sound, and learn ancient mantras through to contemporary sacred songs to heal and expand the heart. Together we will journey through devotional soundscapes, using mantra and easy to follow heart songs to expand and inquire within; honouring the insights, emotions, gifts and authentic self discovery that swells and rises up through the music. Experiment with singing in harmony by finding your soul's song harmoniously within the group, through free improvisation and experimentation, in a safe space where all sounds, movement and emotions are welcomed and poured into the circle of sound. Explore the silence and stillness between the sound; the stillness and wellspring within that appear when the music stops.

Looking to all traditions and cultures around the world for inspiration on where sound, voice, chant, and devotional singing have been a vehicle for connecting with divinity, OM Voice Workshops offers a place of discovery; an embodied experience of how chant and devotion with clear intention and prayer can offer a multitude of self empowering gifts to enhance our state of wellbeing.

Workshops are open to all - no singing experience is necessary and you do not need to think of yourself as a singer to join in! This is Yoga for your Voice! Discover how the power of singing with devotion can truly answer our deepest prayers, heal our hearts and unite us individually and collectively.

“Elise takes us to the deep peace within, through the magic of mantra. She has the most extraordinary voice, and the deep spiritual practice that always make singing mantras with her an affair of the heart”

Open to all


Heart Songs Kirtan

Join songwriter and devotional artist Elise Yuill Cohen for a fusion of globally inspired ancient and contemporary mantras, conscious folk and sacred songs. This unique kirtan-concert experience is an invitation to participate in the music making. Come to share your voice or simply enjoy the sacred sounds and be bathed in transformational healing sound vibrations. When we come together at participatory kirtan gatherings we co-create amplified waves of this positive energy: Light and love waves that are so greatly needed on our planet at this time. This is Yoga for your Voice! The pathway of the heart, to joy and unity…


About Elise

Elise has been singing all her life and received vocal training in many forms over the years. For the past 8 years she has embodied and explored various mantra, chanting and devotional singing disciplines and spiritual practices; for 7 years she undertook the twice daily chanting discipline guided by Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism - Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Alongside, through yoga study and practice she discovered devotional singing and over the years has gathered many chants and sacred songs, along with composing new devotional music as well. Having personally experienced the magical, transformational healing powers held deep within the mantras, a calling to share this beloved passion with others grew until OM Voice Workshops among many other offerings came to fruition. Elise brings her gifts as a songwriter, devotee of sacred sound, yoga teacher and life coach together to hold OM Voice Workshops in the most heartfelt way possible.


£42 (Advance)
£52 (on the door)

Both prices include evening Kirtan Concert Ticket


May 12, 2018
2-5pm (Om Voice Workshop)
6.30-9pm (Kirtan)

November 10, 2018
2-5pm (Om Voice Workshop)
6.30-9pm (Kirtan)


The Exeter Yoga Workshop
King St Business Centre, 7-9 King St, Exeter, EX1 1BQ

[14:00 - 17:00] - OM Voice Workshop
[18:30 - 21:00] - Heart Songs Kirtan


Advance booking online at:



Or on the day at the studio (space permitting) – advance booking recommended due to limited spaces.