Awakening Psoas
1-Day Deepen Your Practice Workshop, with Chris Croft


June 15, 2019

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Awaken the mysterious Psoas muscle and discover the subtlety and effortlessness of an integrated and insightful yoga practice

Awakening the Psoas (AM)

The Psoas is one of the longest muscles in the body and by far the most important component of our deep internal core. A healthy psoas is the key to both structural physical ability and our emotional health. Finding and releasing the psoas will bring new freedom, ease, and structural integrity to your practice. Awakening this great serpent, coiled around your lower spine, is the cornerstone of a meaningful, effective and safe yoga asana practice.

In this workshop we will isolate the psoas and its affect upon both our posture and emotional wellbeing. We will finish by exploring an asana sequence to identify awaken this deep unconscious muscle.

Breathing up 'The Psoas Tube' (PM)

It is from Psoas that the guru grounds their relationship from the earth to the heavens.

Isolating and awakening Psoas releases deep sensations at the core of our Being, gifting us an opportunity to redefine the purpose of our Yoga Sadhana (yoga practice). Genuine yoga practice can only mature through the appreciation of subtlety and a deep connection within. By nurturing and developing our connection to Psoas our deepest fears transform into courage, trust and inner peace.

During this session we will further explore our newly awakened Psoas by learning to 'breathe up the psoas tube'. This will involve gentle exploration of subtlety through asana and pranayama exercises and experience the profound difference it makes to create an asana (seat) from which to explore the beginning of a meditation practice.



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June 15, 2019


The Exeter Yoga Workshop
King St Business Centre, 7-9 King St, Exeter, EX1 1BQ


[11:00 - 13:30] - Awakening the Psoas
[13:30 - 15:00] - Lunch Break
[15:00 - 17:30] - Breathing up The Psoas Tube