Summer Seasonal Vinyasa
A 3hr Yoga Workshop, with Yulia Heaton


June 30, 2019

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A half-day holistic workshop, built around the energetics of the Summer season to help you rejuvenate and refresh

It is said that the three months of summer are called the period of luxurious growth. In Ayurveda, summer is the Pitta season (composed of the Fire and Water elements), which means it's time to get outside, grow food, play, relax and enjoy the outdoors, recharging your internal batteries with solar energy. In TCM, summer is the season ascribed to Fire element and its corresponding qualities of warmth, light, movement, vitality, excitement and life in every form. As we witness these qualities increasing in the natural world during the summer, we can reflect on whether these qualities are in or out of balance in our own body and mind. This summer seasonal vinyasa workshop will emphasise playful sequences to balance Pitta's intense personality, cooling any excess heat, but maintaining the joy, warmth, aliveness and improving overall circulation and blood flow.

This 3-hr workshop is designed for self-exploration and self-nourishment.

Suitable for anyone with some yoga experience



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June 30, 2019


The Exeter Yoga Workshop
King St Business Centre, 7-9 King St, Exeter, EX1 1BQ


[10:00 - 13:00] - The Summer Seasonal Vinyasa